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1-Bedroom apartment

1-Bedroom Apartment

Up to 12 months NUVA Flex
Almansa, Madrid

NUVA Living invites you to start your life at Nuva Almansa. This building offers you a dynamic and welcoming environment that encourages you to immerse yourself in its exceptional and exciting lifestyle, strategically located at the Cuatro Caminos traffic circle.

NUVA Almansa
Start Locations Nuva Almansa 1-bedroom apt
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Nuva Almansa offers you a 38m² renovated apartment with industrial styles with exposed brick walls and wooden beams over 100 years old. The property consists of 1 bedroom and a full bathroom and comes with a fully equipped kitchen, ready to use.

General Data
  • Calle de Almansa, Madrid
  • No Comissions
  • Surface 38m² area
  • Bathroom 1 bathroom
What's Included
  • Pet friendly Pet friendly
  • App for tenant App
NUVA Almansa
Nestar Almansa  Esc Exterior  Izquierda Madrid
Up to 12 months NUVA Flex
1-Bedroom penthouse
Almansa, Madrid
  • 48m² Apartment
  • 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom and terrace
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NUVA Almansa
Up to 12 months NUVA Flex
2-Bedroom Apartment
Almansa, Madrid
  • 45m² apartment
  • 2 bedrooms and 1 bathroom
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