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How to Book


1. PRE-BOOK: You will now pay 200€ to block your home.

2. CONFIRMATION OF BOOKING: We will send you the contract and together with your signature on the contract you will pay a deposit of 1,000€ which will be returned when you leave, if the property is left as it was when you arrived.

- If your reservation is for a stay of 1 or 2 months: Prepayment of the stay, then we deduct the part that has already been prepaid (200€).

- If your reservation is for more than 3 months: You pay the rest of the first month's rent (minus 200€) and the last month's rent of the contract.

3. BILLING AND MONTHLY PAYMENTS: From the second monthly payment onwards, you will be billed the first week of the month.


  • Supplies are already included, as it is a flat rate for utilities which is calculated based on general consumption, if consumption exceeds the standards then a proportional supplemental charge will be applied.
  • Charges are made by credit card
  • For stays of more than 6 months, a type of payment via Bank Remittance can be offered.

1. BOOKING: You will pay the deposit/booking fee that corresponds to the monthly payment of the house.

Send the following documentation:

- ID’s of the persons signing the reservation

- Last 3 income slips of the persons signing the reservation.

- If you are self-employed, you must send form 303 and form 100.

2. CONTRACT: We send you the reservation contract for you to sign digitally.

3. SCORING: The documentation is sent to the insurance company for scoring study.

4. SIGNATURE: We proceed to sign the lease contract digitally.


  • You must have contracted a non-payment insurance and home insurance.
  • Utilities are included.