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At Nuva Living, we are committed to providing a rental experience that not only meets but exceeds our tenants' expectations. A key part of this mission is our innovative app, designed to facilitate the management of your stay and offer you access to a variety of exclusive services.

What is the Nuva Living App?

The Nuva Living app is a digital tool that allows our tenants to manage all aspects of their rental from the comfort of their mobile phone or tablet. From managing payments and invoices to reporting issues, our app is designed to make your life easier and more convenient.

Key Features of the App

Paperwork Management With our app, you can handle all your important documents digitally. No more worrying about losing contracts or renewals, as everything will be accessible at any time from your device.

Issue Reporting If a problem arises in your home, you can easily report it through the app. Simply select the issue, add a description, and if necessary, a photo. Our team will respond quickly to resolve the problem.

Stay Informed with the Nuva App Always stay up to date with everything happening in your building through the news portal, where you can learn about any new developments.

Space Reservations If your building has common areas such as a coworking space or a paddle tennis court, you can reserve the time slot you want to access these areas to ensure your spot.

Access to Exclusive Services and Products As a Nuva Living tenant, you have access to a variety of exclusive services through the Nuva Market in the app. From cleaning services, pet walking, car washing, to products from your favorite stores with exclusive discounts.

Benefits of Using the Nuva Living App

Convenience and Efficiency Our app is designed to simplify your daily life, allowing you to manage all aspects of your rental efficiently and stress-free.

Effective Communication Stay up to date with real-time notifications and updates about events, maintenance, and more. The app improves communication between tenants and the Nuva Living team.

Personalized Experience Customize your stay according to your needs and preferences.


By integrating technology into the rental experience, Nuva Living ensures that managing your home is as convenient and efficient as possible. Download our app today and discover how it can enhance your daily life.