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The Revolution of Services in Mid-Term Rental Housing

The provision of additional services in rental housing is not just a luxury but a necessity in modern society. For mid-term tenants, who are often mobile professionals, expatriates, or exchange students, these services can make a significant difference in their quality of life. Here are some reasons why these services are essential:

Convenience and Time Savings

Modern life is hectic, and finding time for basic tasks like house cleaning or pet care can be quite challenging. By offering cleaning services and pet walkers, Nuva Living allows its tenants to focus on what really matters: their work, studies, or leisure time. This time saving translates into greater satisfaction and a better living experience.

Overall Well-Being

Well-being is not just physical but also mental and emotional. Educational services or courses not only facilitate the professional development of tenants but also contribute to their personal growth and overall satisfaction. The possibility of improving skills while living in a rental place makes the experience more enriching and valuable.

Practical and Efficient Solutions

Nuva Living goes a step further by including unique and practical services such as dog washing machines and car washing areas in some of its properties. These services allow tenants to keep their vehicles and pets in perfect condition without leaving their community. Paying by card and having access to shampoo, rinsing, drying, and perfuming for their dogs or a specific area for washing cars are examples of how Nuva Living makes daily life easier for its tenants.

Added Value and Competitiveness

Including these differentiated services not only enhances the tenant experience but also adds value to Nuva Living's properties, making them more attractive in a competitive market. Tenants are willing to pay a little more for the convenience and additional benefits these services provide.

Nuva Living has understood the importance of going beyond just renting out a property. By offering a wide range of services through its app, Nuva Living not only improves the quality of life for its tenants but also positions itself as a leader in innovation in the sector. These services, especially important for mid-term tenants, highlight Nuva Living's vision of providing not just a place to live but an environment that facilitates well-being, personal growth, and comfort in every aspect of daily life.

In summary, the inclusion of these services is not just a competitive advantage but a necessity in today's market, and Nuva Living is at the forefront of this revolution in rental housing.